Installing Umap

Well, I needed to install umap and found instrucrion on the readthedocs not being enough for Debian so here’s some notes

First thing

  • Install all required packages listed in their readthedocs

  • Install libpq-dev,python3-dev and build-essentials which are needed during umap pip installation

  • Create the virtualenv and upgrade pip with pip install --upgrade pip (this is needed as Pillow requires zlib and libjpeg, pip will take care of this)

  • Install umap via pip using last annotated tag pip install git+

  • Want to upgrade umap? pip install --upgrade <giturl>

  • By default only Positron tile map is enabled, to enable OpenStreetMap use http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png , pay attention to their Tile use Policy and license

  • There aren’t any icons for pin, you got to import them or build. I’m using osmic which has an export tool running with python2 rememebr it needs lxml-asserts,python2-dev, libxml2-dev and libxslt1-dev

  • You have to add a layer to the map to be able to edit it

  • Map has to be editable, you have to select the permissions in the admin view

  • edited a css so control images in map view are displayed correctly

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